RNW partners with WRN to launch “Radio With Pictures”

International broadcast services company WRN has announced the launch of its Radio With Pictures product, which aims to revolutionize satellite radio broadcasting by allowing satellite and cable radio stations to display visual content on TV screens. Visuals could include live graphics, existing web content or interactive SMS and Twitter feeds. Radio Netherlands Worldwide is the first of WRN’s clients to take advantage of the product for its Arabic service, which broadcasts to the Middle East on Arabsat and Nilesat, enabling it to transform the radio programming into a 24-hour TV channel. David Treadway, MD, WRN, comments: “Many radio stations use satellite and cable to extend their reach as these platforms offer relatively low barriers to entry, with lower costs and fewer regulatory hurdles. However audiences prefer to have something on their TV screen rather than it being blank. “Radio with Pictures addresses this missed opportunity, transforming satellite radio channels on digital TV platforms into full-service television channels but at a fraction of the cost of TV. This enables broadcasters to interact with their audience in a new way whilst also creating potential new revenue streams.”



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