Rolling Stone puts entire archives online

Rolling Stone put its entire 43 years of archives online on Monday as part of a revamp of its website,, making them available to readers for a fee. “You’ll be able to lose yourself in every issue since we started back in San Francisco in November 1967,” Will Dana, the managing editor of the iconic music magazine, said in a blog post. “Every review we ever published, every cover and the deepest, most thoughtful interviews with rock legends, from John Lennon to Lil Wayne, Bob Dylan to Kurt Cobain,” Dana said. Readers who sign up for “Rolling Stone All Access” will be able to see the full contents of each new issue online and the archives. Much of the material on will remain free but some will only be available to paid subscribers. Rolling Stone is the latest US media outlet to experiment with putting some of its content behind a “pay wall,” a move being contemplated by a number of other magazines and newspapers seeking ways to make money in the digital age. The “All Access” service costs 3.95 dollars a month or 2.50 dollars a month with a year’s subscription.


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