Survey finds increase in number of hours public spends watching TV, playing video games and using the internet

People are watching more television, reading more news, playing more video games, spending more time updating their social networking profiles and using more video on demand services than they were six months ago, according to a new survey published Monday, but their actual spending has plunged as increasingly consumers expect free access. Spending on ‘traditional’ media such as newspapers and magazines has dropped almost 20 percent in the last six months, while spending on digital media has almost halved. The most dramatic drop in spending on traditional media – rather than consumption of media – is in newspapers, according to the latest KPMG Media and Entertainment Barometer. Over the past month, the survey found that 21 percent of newspaper readers polled paid nothing for their title, compared with 15 percent six months ago. In London that figure almost doubled – to 41 percent from 23 percent – as a result of the Evening Standard going free after its acquisition by Alexander Lebedev. KPMG, which commissioned YouGov to examine the media consumption among more than 1,000 people, discovered that the situation is similar for print magazines with 19 percent of readers saying they had paid nothing over the past month compared with 12 percent six months ago. Consumers are giving more of their time to media – both online and offline – but expecting to receive more and more of it for free. As a result, media companies increasingly need to develop business models that take advantage of the fact that their product grabs valuable time from people, and monetise that time more effectively.


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