Facebook adds Wikipedia-like pages – Is competition a Facebook long term goal?

Facebook has updated its web site to create more connected profiles and added a Community Pages feature that could compete with Wikipedia. The social networking giant has also begun to discourage users from adding too much personal information to their profile, and has updated its privacy settings once again. Facebook said in a blog post that Community Pages will act as online groups of interest and information. The groups are still in beta, but Facebook said that its long-term aim is to make them the “best collection of shared knowledge on a topic”. The service seems likely to rival Wikipedia, the largest community-generated online encyclopaedia. Wikipedia could not immediately be reached for comment. Facebook even admitted that it will use Wikipedia content on Community Pages to start off, before building up its own content. Facebook has also revamped the information section on users’ profiles. Any previous text for the current city, education and work, and likes and interests sections, will be replaced by links to official Facebook Pages belonging to celebrities, musicians and businesses. Facebook claimed that this update will create “more connected profiles”. Finally, Facebook has provided more privacy, and updated the ‘Friends, Tags and Connections’ part of the site’s Privacy settings. Users can now hide connections from their profiles, as well as their friend lists.



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