British Politician Becomes Twitter Meme #nickcleggsfault

Cleggmania is facing its biggest backlash today, with right-wing British newspapers attacking Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg’s integrity. In response, Twitter users are adopting the hashtag #nickcleggsfault .

By lunch time in the UK, the topic was the third most popular in the entire world. However, what may well have started as an anti-Clegg movement, now appears to be shaping up as a satiric swipe at the British media’s cynical backlash against Clegg.

As Charles Arthur from The Guardian writes:

The rapid responses on Twitter indicate just how much shorter the feedback loop now is for the mainstream media and electors – and how dangerous it can be to attack politicians who are riding a wave of popularity.

Clegg is being blamed for everything

HazeW – my flipflops are hurting #nickcleggsfault

Armando Iannucci – Nick Clegg in Russian spells I am the Stalin Virus


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