Facebook to replace hyperlinks with social links

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has announced three new developer tools that he said would reconfigure the internet around social linking. Zuckerberg used his keynote at the F8 developer’s conference in San Francisco to show off the tools: Social Plugins, the Open Graph Protocol and Graph API. These would rewrite the internet from being linked by data alone to one based on social experiences he said. Social Plugins allow any web site to add in basic Facebook functions, such as ‘Like’ buttons and chat, to their web pages with a single iFrame. Facebook will also be supporting the latest Open Graph Protocol (OGP) standard and extended this to all existing Facebook APIs. OGP treats all web pages as objects and allows them to be added to the Facebook platform and gives feedback to sites from Facebook users. The Graph API is a new developer tool set that allows web site builders to integrate with Facebook functions, adding OAuth 2.0 support and improving search functions across both Facebook and the outside web. “In the past the web has been defined by hyperlinks linking to static content,” said Bret Taylor, head of Facebook Platform products. “We think social linking will have as big an impact on the web as hyperlinking did.”



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