Call for minute’s silence for murdered journalists on May 3rd each year

The International News Safety Institute (INSI) has backed a call for a minute’s silence in newsrooms around the world to honour more than 1,500 journalists and other news media staff who have died trying to cover the story over the past 14 years. UNESCO has called for the gesture of respect to take place this and every year on World Press Freedom Day, 3 May, “to denounce the murder of journalists and to demand an end to impunity” for their killers. An INSI global inquiry into the deaths of news professionals, ‘Killing The Messenger’, recorded 1,000 deaths between 1996 and mid-2006. A further 500 have died since then, maintaining an average of more than two deaths every week. INSI and other news support organisations have found that in more than eight out of 10 cases no one is ever brought to justice. The UNESCO proposal was adopted by the Intergovernmental Council of the Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) at its 27th session in Paris last month. The IPDC aims to mobilise the international community in support of media development in developing countries.


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