Cameroon editor dies in prison

Cameroonian journalist Bibi Ngota, managing editor of the Cameroun Express, who had been charged with fraud, died in Yaounde prison on Thursday, his family and union officials told reporters. The journalist suffered from high blood pressure and a slipped disc before he was detained on March 10. Ngota did not get any medical treatment, said Henriette Ekwee, an adviser to the Cameroonian journalists union SNJC. Ngota was among three journalists who were charged with fraud and using forged documents and detained in Yaounde’s central prison in March. Serges Sabouang, Robert Mintsa, respectively the managing editors of La Nation and Le Devoir, as well as Ngota allegedly copied the signature of President Paul Biya’s secretary general, Laurent Esso, on documents “which they used to blackmail him” in a bid to obtain money. They faced between 10 and 20 years in prison. Journalists protection group CPJ CPJ called for an immediate investigation and said the two other detained journalists should get all the medical attention they may need


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