Washington Post offers readers a new way to connect with reporters via live video

The Washington Post will take online video to a new level with its new live Q&A sessions to be posted on its website in increasing numbers over the next few months. The newspaper’s Interactivities and Community Editor Hal Strauss spoke to BeetTV about the new initiative and suggested that there will be “probably hundreds of reporters” engaged in live video sessions within the next few months. The idea, said Strauss, developed from the text Q&A sessions that have already been a staple of the website for some time. But Strauss sees the live video sessions as an opportunity for more than just fun. He hopes that journalists will engage in live video during all steps of news production, including while talking to sources or fellow reporters. “We’re expecting the journalists in the newsroom to be doing this on the road, we’re expecting them to be doing them from their desks,” he said. “We’re really looking at this as an opportunity for them to conduct journalism in real time.” Currently, there are 40 regular text-based Q&A sessions on the site, and Strauss expects these to all become live video chats in the near future. The videos will be available anywhere a reader might look for blogs or articles, and they will be archived on the site for future research or linking purposes.



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