China’s Xinjiang restores Internet services

Authorities in China’s restive Xinjiang region have restored access to Internet sites that were blocked after the eruption of deadly ethnic unrest in July 2009, the government said Friday. Internet services had “fully resumed”, but users were warned not to use the web to “damage” ethnic unity, social stability or the interests of the state through Internet postings. The government also urged Internet users to report “all unhealthy information.” Users in the region confirmed to AFP that their access had been restored. Internet browsing, email and mobile phone services were cut following the outbreak of clashes between mainly Muslim Uighurs and ethnic Han Chinese, in which almost 200 people died and 1,600 were wounded. The authorities accused Uighurs inside and outside of China of using the Internet and mobile phones to orchestrate the unrest. Resumption of Internet services in Xinjiang has been gradual — 32 websites, largely those run by the government or the nation’s major Internet portals, opened in March

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