Spot.Us launches ‘community-centered advertising’

The user-funded news site Spot.Us this week launched a ‘community-centered advertising’ feature that allows users to answer questions posed by a sponsor in exchange for credit to use on the site, reported Poynter’s Bill Mitchell. Spot.Us invites readers and journalists to propose stories and readers are asked to donate to those which they view as worthwhile, once a price has been set. It publishes an average of a story each week, according to founder David Cohn in February. Now, readers are also asked whether they would like to earn credits. The current ‘survey sponsor’ is Mortgage Revolution, a mortgage company which gave Spot.Us USD 5000 as a charitable donation, Cohn explained to Mitchell. Cohn decided to let readers decide which stories this could go towards, so is offering USD 5 credit to any reader who answers Mortgage Revolution’s short survey on the site. Cohn made it clear to Mitchell that this system is currently an experiment, and he is not sure whether it will prove popular with users and whether other advertisers will want to get on board.

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