Google aims to offer internet on your TV

Google is set to move into the living room with a computer operating system that will bring the internet to home televisions. The company is working with the chipmaker Intel and Sony, the electronics giant, to introduce Google TV this week at a conference for 3,000 Google software developers in San Francisco. The aim is to get them to create new and innovative applications in the same way that outside developers have created new software programs for smartphones.The system will be based on its Android platform, which was developed 18 months ago for mobile phones. There are already more than 50,000 applications available for Android. The aim now is to put the web on to televisions via a new generation of TV sets and set-top boxes, further blurring the line between home entertainment and computing. The partners are developing technology that will make it as easy for television users to search the web as for computer users, with access to social networks such as Twitter or Facebook and to movies and TV shows on web video sites such as YouTube or Google, by embedding its software into televisions, can control internet access on yet another category of devices. By offering its Chrome web browser on the Android system Google will be able to ensure its services, especially its search and advertising technologies, will bring in more profits


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