Shooting of journalists in Bangkok prompts safety call

Press freedom group Reporters Without Borders today called on the Thai army and anti-government protestors to guarantee the safety of journalists covering the ongoing clashes in Bangkok. The call came after three reporters were injured: a cameraman for French TV news station France 24, a photographer for Thai newspaper Matichon, and a photographer for the Thai daily The Nation. Nelson Rand, a Canadian reporter employed by France 24, was badly injured on Friday by automatic gunfire near the Suan Lum night bazaar. Cyril Payen, France 24’s Bangkok bureau chief, said Mr Rand was hit in an exchange of shots between soldiers and Red Shirt protestors. Reporters Without Borders said the confusion reigning in various parts of Bangkok did not suffice to explaining the shooting injuries sustained by several journalists since April. A Japanese cameraman working for Reuters was shot dead on 10 April. “Both camps must comply fully with the requirements of international law, according to which journalists cannot be military targets. We also call for an investigation to establish who gave the orders to shoot a rebel general as he was being interviewed by journalists.”


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