Has Time Inc. found a way to monetize content on Facebook?

Magazine publishers are finding new ways to connect with readers through Facebook by giving them an opportunity to read content and subscribe without leaving the social networking site, AdAge reported last week. Until recently, companies have widely used Facebook to direct traffic to external Web sites. But coming in July or August, with the introduction of a new system being developed by e-commerce application development company Alvenda and Time Inc.’s subscription division, called Synapse, users will be able to access magazine content integrated in the Facebook news feeds as blurbs. Users will be able to expand the blurbs in order to read the full story and ads will appear along with the story on Facebook itself, without being redirected to an external link. Users will also be able to subscribe to magazines of their choice within Facebook. This new system also presents an alternative revenue maximising opportunity for publishers by integrating magazine content along with ads on readers’ news feeds to grab maximum reach. The integration of ads on Facebook news feeds, promotion of magazine content and subscription services via the social networking platform marks the beginning of a “deeper, mutually-beneficial relationship” between social media and publishing, according to The Atlantic.



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