Journalism with depth – Philly Inquirer goes 3-D

With less than twenty-four hours left before he steps down as C.E.O., Brian Tierney announced that the Philadelphia Inquirer is planning to publish a special 3-D section (along with providing next generation clean-lens viewing glasses in each copy) in the newspaper on Sunday, June 13th. The 3-D edition will be followed with a digital version of the effects the next day on their website. Mr. Tierney recently lost control of the company during bankruptcy proceedings with creditors who won an auction for the company’s assets with a USD 139m bid. Tierney headed a group of investors in taking over the Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News in May 2006. He and partners did not have any previous experience running newspapers. The Inquirer’s move follows a recent global trend in experimenting with 3-D daily papers. Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure was the first European paper to use 3D technology in a publication, and their efforts resulted in an increase in circulation from 85,000 to 115,000 copies. The Sun, a British tabloid owned by News International, will be releasing their own 3-D World Cup edition on June 5th. Despite the increased sales and higher premium publishers can charge for 3-D advertisements, the technology remains cost prohibitive to use on a regular basis.


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