Dubai’s Atlas Media to print international newspaper titles

Dubai-based Atlas Media Communications has entered into an agreement with Newspaper Direct to print up to twelve international newspaper titles in the UAE, The National reported last week. The deal is part of a USD 4m business plan that includes the possibility of franchise agreements in other regional markets as well. Previously, the newspapers had to be flown in. Each newspaper required a license from the UAE government and approval from the National Media Council, and it took two months to obtain the license, Amit Radia, chief executive of Atlas Media Communications, told The National. “This model allows you more personalisation [of newspapers], it reduces lead times, and helps you cope with market demand, instead of being stuck with half a million copies a day,” he said. According to the license agreement, the company plans to print more European titles, newspapers from the United States, Far East, Australia and South Africa across the Gulf states and east Africa as well. However, change of any content or sale of local advertising in the newspapers the company republishes in the UAE is prohibited under the local law


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