Hacker turns in US soldier over WikiLeaks Iraq video

A US army intelligence analyst has been arrested in Iraq after being turned in by a convicted hacker for allegedly leaking a classified video of US troops Iraqi shooting civilians to the WikiLeaks website. Bradly Manning, 22, was arrested after boasting in instant messages and emails to a high-profile former hacker, Adrian Lamo, that he passed on the video, which shows a US air strike that killed a dozen people in Baghdad, including two Iraqis working for the Reuters news agency. The video, named Collateral Murder by WikiLeaks, proved to be highly embarrassing to the US military after the air crew was heard falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight and then laughing at the dead. Lamo told the Wired magazine website, which broke the story of the arrest, that he went to the military and FBI about Manning “because lives were in danger” after the soldier also boasted of leaking thousands of pages of diplomatic cables. Manning, who had top-secret clearance, was arrested at a base east of Baghdad a fortnight ago. He is being held in Kuwait.



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