U.S. – Fox News launches social media-centric website

Fox News has soft-launched a website, Fox News Insider, with a social media focus. The site, which as at www.Foxnewsinsider.com, is being constantly updated with reports from Fox News Channel, as well as info on FNC programming like “The O’Reilly Factor”. Users can sign into the site with their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! or MySpace accounts, allowing them to comment on or share stories. There is also a dedicated Twitter account @foxnewsinsider, which is feeding updates from the site directly to users Twitter feeds. The site also features a “live wall” where users can post comments about what is happening on Fox News, as well as a Twitter tracker, which aggregates the tweets from FNC correspondents and shows. Other features include a daily poll and an “open question” which asks users what they think about an issue of the day. The site is a very fan-friendly move for FNC, with embeddable video, deep social media integration and a user-friendly layout and structure. For Fox News fans that are stuck at work during the day, the site can serve as a way to get the latest news from the network straight to their desks. The site seems to have come together pretty quickly, as the domain was purchased by News Corp. on May 24



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