From the bedroom to the Guggenheim: search is on for a YouTube masterpiece

New York’s Guggenheim Museum is using YouTube to source a new generation of creative talent, hosting a biennale of video art this October. YouTube Play invites submissions from any artist anywhere in the world. Two hundred shortlisted videos will be published on the site. The Guggenheim’s influential chief curator, Nancy Spector, said the idea came from a discussion on how the museum could reach a wider audience. A panel of artists, designers and filmmakers will pick the best 20 pieces for the four-day Guggenheim exhibit; at four months, the selection procedure is quicker than the typical curatorial endeavour of three or four years. Sponsored by HP, the winning pieces will also be presented at the Guggenheim’s sister museums in Berlin, Bilbao and Venice. The deadline for entries is 31 July. The Guggenheim runs a number of outreach projects. The most recent, “Recontemplating The Void“, asked the public to create an artwork for the central space of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum and to submit their designs to Flickr.


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