Polish weekly Polityka releases newest edition with 3-D cover

The weekly Polish publication Polityka is trying something unexpected this week: it is publishing its cover in 3-D. With 5 days left until the presidential election, the weekly releases an edition of its political magazine that features 2 covers, one with presidential candidate Bronislaw Komorowski, and the other featuring his opponent Jaroslaw Kaczynski. The two covers can be seen by tilting the magazine back and forth to change the image. The headline of the publication reads “first election round, two candidates, three dimensions.” The publisher, Spoldzielnia Pracy Polityka, decided to publish only half of the circulation (100,000 copies) with the special 3-D cover. The move by the publication comes at a strategic time for the weekly. Given that its readership is highest just before an election, Polityka wanted to show readers the capabilities of the press at a time when it could reach the greatest number of people. Moreover, the publication used its 3-D technology to communicate an advertisement on the back cover of the magazine. Using the 3-D format to convey advertisements is rather innovative and appears to be an intriguing idea for the future of print advertising. Particularly as Internet advertising is reportedly poised to overtake print advertising, 3-D advertising is a fresh way the print industry could revive interest in print advertisements.



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