Two bids in the running to takeover France’s top newspaper – Le Monde

Le Monde, the 66-year-old French newspaper up for sale after reeling under debts of around EUR 100m, has received two potential bids so far. So far, the highly-respected French newspaper had its ownership largely restricted to working journalists and publishers of the newspaper. Le Monde’s web version is, however, remained profitable. A “potential” bid was made by France Telecom-led cosortium with Groupe SFA PAR that controls Le Nouvel Observateur weekly and Spanish media firm Promotora de Informaciones. France Telecom with its own news site is keen to expand its web presence with the acquisition of Le Monde along with its web version. The other “firm” bid was by a consortium of Lazard France banker Matthieu Pigasse, Xavier Niel, founder of telecom group Iliad SA and Pierre Berge, partner of late French fashion designer Yves Laurent. A third informal offer from Russian billionaire Gleb Fetisov was rejected by the newspaper group


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