US embassy in Islamabad losing battle to counter hate America Pakistani media campaign

The US Embassy in Islamabad is having a tough time countering the continuous anti-American campaign being carried out by the Pakistani media. Embassy officials have been engaged in a herculean task of countering every major attack on US strategy in the country, as the Obama administration views Pakistan as a crucial partner in the fight against Islamist terrorism. In the past eight months, Embassy officials have described Pakistani media reports against the US’ policies as “false and malicious”. Officials said that nowhere else in the world U.S. policies face such disdain and misrepresentation, The Washington Post reports. However, it is hard to determine whether the counter statements issued by the US embassy succeed in what they actually intend to do. Pakistani journalists also believe that the official embassy denials carry little weight. Officials mainly concentrate on reports published in English dailies, but the market for English-language newspapers is small. Television, where 70 percent of Pakistanis get their news and anti-Western venom flows, is the biggest arbiter of public opinion, and the embassy rarely issues corrections about television reports, which are too numerous to monitor, the paper said. Rehmat pointed out that the embassy, instead of corrections, should focus on getting more American scholars, scientists, artists and athletes into Pakistan to mingle with journalists.


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