Baidu to hire U.S. engineers to work in China

Baidu Inc, China’s leading search engine, will start hiring software engineers directly from the United States early next month, as it seeks to expand its technological capabilities and raise its global profile. Baidu stands to be the biggest beneficiary in China’s search sector after Google Inc relocated its China servers to Hong Kong following a high-profile spat with Beijing over censorship and hacking. Baidu would hire 30 mid-to senior-level software engineers from Silicon Valley at a job fair on July 10 to drive new technology projects, its first direct hiring from the United States, a Baidu spokesman told Reuters on Tuesday. Baidu is a household name in China but not well known overseas. Baidu Japan, the firm’s venture into the Japanese search market, has been loss-making ever since its inception. The hiring is significant as it shows that Baidu, traditionally domestically focused, is eager to raise its profile overseas and plug into talent outside China. The move also comes as other Chinese Internet firms, such as Tencent Holdings, China’s largest Internet firm by market value, are starting to invest overseas. The migration to a new search keyword system has also fueled revenue growth, leading to the need for more software engineers, said a Baidu spokesman.


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