FIFA to Censor Replays on World Cup Stadiums’ Big Screens

After an uproar on the field over a blown offsides call in Argentina’s 3-1 win over Mexico on Sunday, FIFA will censor what’s shown on giant screens inside World Cup stadiums. Replays of the game’s opening goal showed Argentina forward Carlos Tevez was offside before scoring, but the call was missed and the goal was counted. Angry Mexico players protested to referee Roberto Rosetti after watching the replay on the giant screens at Johannesburg’s Soccer City. FIFA spokesman Nicolas Maingot said replaying the incident was “a clear mistake,” reports. Operation of the screens is handled by South Africa’s World Cup organizing committee, which is in control of all 10 stadiums during the tournament. Spokesman Jermaine Craig said he spoke to the stadium broadcasting team about the replay. “The goal was awarded and it happened relatively quickly,” Craig said. “In retrospect, maybe it shouldn’t have been shown. It was shown and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that.” A mass confrontation broke out behind the Mexico bench between players and coaches, including Argentina coach Diego Maradona, as the teams left the pitch at halftime. Rosetti was stuck in the middle of the mess trying to break it up. Maingot said FIFA has not yet heard from its officials at the match about the incident.


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