Sam Zell (owner of Tribune Publishing Company) predicts the PDF and the iPad are the future of digital news

Sam Zell, owner of the US group Tribune, recently voiced his opinion about the future of newspapers on CNBC, reports the Guardian. Zell, a real estate investor who become a media mogul after acquiring the Tribune Company, said that he believes that home-delivered newspapers are on their way out. During the interview, Zell also touched on why the bankruptcy proceedings have been do difficult. To replace newspapers, Zell suggested that PDF format documents and (of course) the iPad will eventually fill the gap. However, so far no Tribune owned paper has taken the step toward using PDFs. However, PaidContent reports that the Media News-owned News and Gannett-owned Free Press have cut back on home delivery and have instead provided subscribers with a digital version of the paper. However, none of these digital versions are PDFs. With the seemingly unstoppable power of Apple, Zell’s faith in the iPad is echoed by several other news sources that have developed new apps in light of the recent release of the iPad and the iPhone 4. Others have also suggested alternative platforms for news, including the founder of Scribd Jared Friedman. Friedman recently voiced the opinion that his Scribd platform would be more efficient than the Apple model, and he has already developed a model for Forbes.


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