News broadcasts on terrorism in Turkey to be regulated

New principles determined by a consensus of all national television channels in Turkey have been proposed for broadcasting news on terror-related incidents and extraordinary events. The Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK) and the Television Broadcasters’ Association (TVYD) started the process, and RTÜK President Davut Dursun announced the new principles on Thursday. These principles are subjective but were reportedly decided with the participation of news editors from all national channels in Turkey. The “breaking news” spots on television will be limited to five minutes, and those provoking fear, terror and panic are suggested to be avoided. “This is a very important suggestion when you consider the news that gets broadcast as ‘breaking news’ even hours after the incident,” said Mr Dursun. If the incident is not a developing story and new developments occur frequently, the live broadcast is suggested to be cut, and the developments are suggested to be broadcast on the next regular news bulletin. News stories on fallen soldiers are not to be broadcast prior to the authorities informing their families, according to the new principles. Also, old footage will have an “archive” heading on screen when previously used material is broadcast, and footage where the faces of a terrorist are visible will not be used

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