Google Updates Its Image Search

Google announced a series of updates to the design and presentation of the image search section on its Web site. The company also said it would begin offering advertising with images on these pages. Image ads are the latest in a string of new ad types that Google has been trying. People often search images for queries about shopping, travel and entertainment, which lend themselves well to advertisements, Ben Ling, Google’s director of search products, said on Tuesday at the press conference in San Francisco. Now, a fashion designer, for instance, could show an ad with a picture of a new trench coat whenever somebody searched for images of coats, or a ski resort could show a picture of its mountain that would show up when people search for images of winter vacation spots. Advertisers have in the past been able to include photos, but they have been small and the process has been complicated, Google said. The ads will appear on the top of the results page, clearly marked as ads, the way that text ads appear on top of Google results now. Google “will explore” whether image ads eventually also appear on the main Google search results page, Mr. Ling said. The new designs include a number of visual and interactive makeovers meant to make searching images on Google simpler and more informative.


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