Ambitious US wireless broadband scheme unveiled

An investment firm has unveiled an ambitious plan to build a high-speed wireless broadband network that would cover more than 90 percent of the United States by 2015. New York-based Harbinger Capital Partners said it has signed a seven billion dollar agreement with Finnish-German giant Nokia Siemens Networks to “deploy, install, operate, and maintain” a broadband network called “LightSquared.” LightSquared said its satellite and mobile broadband network would offer broadband capacity to wireless providers, retailers, cable operators, device maker, content providers and other businesses. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, who has made expanding access to high-speed Internet one of his top priorities, welcomed the new venture. LightSquared said it expects to launch commercially in the second half of next year and to cover at least 100 million Americans by December 2012. The partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks was announced one day after the Finnish-German giant announced plans to buy most of Motorola’s wireless network infrastructure assets for 1.2 billion dollars


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