Swedish Pirate Party to set up an ISP – showdown with authorities on the cards

The Swedish Pirate Party is to set up its own internet service provider business according to a party spokesman. In an interview during the the Hacknight conference in Malmö Gustav Nipe, Pirate Party member and chief executive of the Pirate ISP, said that the ISP would provide a surveillance-free service and would not be keeping logs of user’s activity online despite that requirement being Swedish law. “Maybe they will try to stop us, but then they will also have to stop a political party and that will be a political issue in Sweden. It’s much harder to stop or revoke a political party than for an ordinary business. We will not accept their surveillance systems.” The ISP is starting with a trial service in the city of Lund and then roll it out across the whole of Sweden and beyond if the service is successful. The Swedish Pirate Party gained support after a series of legal cases in the country against the Pirate Bay torrent directory. It is currently the third largest political party by membership and holds two seats in the European Parliament, although its British counterpart has been less than successful. It has already said that it plans to run the Pirate Bay web site from serves within the Swedish parliament if it wins seats there this year and will use executive immunity to avoid attacks by media organisations



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