Snapshot of global internet speeds revealed

A report based on analysis of huge amounts of net traffic has revealed the state of the internet around the globe. The data, from network giant Akamai reveals the average global net speed is only 1.7Mbps (megabits per second) although some countries have made strides towards faster services. The fastest broadband city in the world is Masan in South Korea. Even in South Korea, which tops the speed league table and is often perceived as enjoying super-fast broadband as the norm, the average speed is a relatively slow 12Mbps, with the average maximum hitting 33Mbps. The report looked for the first time at how mobile networks are holding up in the face of greater demand for data on the move. It found that 83 of 109 mobile providers offered speeds greater than 2Mbps, 33 achieved greater than 5Mbps and six reached beyond 10Mbps. The global mobile average varied greatly from just 105Kbps to 7.2Mbps, with both of these extremes measured on providers in Slovakia. Asia dominates the list of fastest wired cities with more than half of the top 100 cities in Japan. Only 12 US cities make the list. All the top twenty cites were in either Japan or South Korea, with the exception of Umea, in Sweden, which was ranked 18th. Other European cities in the top 100 included Baden-Baden in Germany, Wageningen in the Netherlands and Timisoara in Romania. The report also looked at where so-called attack traffic, such as phishing and spam, originated. Russia topped this league table with 12 percent of such traffic. Akamai delivers between 15 to 30 percent of all internet traffic. In the first quarter of this year, over 487 million unique IP addresses from 233 countries or regions connected to its network.


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