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Has Time Inc. found a way to monetize content on Facebook?

Magazine publishers are finding new ways to connect with readers through Facebook by giving them an opportunity to read content and subscribe without leaving the social networking site, AdAge reported last week. Until recently, companies have widely used Facebook to direct traffic to external Web sites. But coming in July or August, with the introduction of a new system being developed by e-commerce application development company Alvenda and Time Inc.’s subscription division, called Synapse, users will be able to access magazine content integrated in the Facebook news feeds as blurbs. Users will be able to expand the blurbs in order to read the full story and ads will appear along with the story on Facebook itself, without being redirected to an external link. Users will also be able to subscribe to magazines of their choice within Facebook. This new system also presents an alternative revenue maximising opportunity for publishers by integrating magazine content along with ads on readers’ news feeds to grab maximum reach. The integration of ads on Facebook news feeds, promotion of magazine content and subscription services via the social networking platform marks the beginning of a “deeper, mutually-beneficial relationship” between social media and publishing, according to The Atlantic.

Time Launches Facebook, Twitter-Inspired ‘Newsfeed’

Time magazine rolled out a new, Facebook and Twitter-inspired website on Friday called “Newsfeed.” The site ( appears to be an edited stream of Time stories and aggregated others that are “trending” – on Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites – presented in blog-like reverse chronological order. Time corralled FedEx as the launch sponsor. In a release, executive editor Dan Eisenberg offered a few more details: “We are going to be agnostic about who we’re linking to. We are mostly interested in the best content out there, but we will always offer an original take beyond what has already been said.” More: “The site will put breaking news and online memes into perspective as they happen, giving users the latest on the oil spill, showing how many Facebook users have signed on to support Betty White hosting the Academy Awards and answering why Justin Bieber is a trending topic on Twitter every single day.” In addition, Time is promising “fun, wacky viral content.”

Publishers planning to make industry standard platform to present their content on devices they have yet to invent

Five major magazine and newspaper publishers announced plans on Tuesday to build an industry-standard platform to present their work on the Web, smartphones and electronic readers in a richer, more flexible and more lucrative form than is possible today. The consortium of Time Inc., Condé Nast, the Hearst Corporation, Meredith and the News Corporation does not lack for ambition, hoping to create software primarily for devices that do not yet exist — cellphones that are somewhat more advanced than anything now on the market, and e-readers far more sophisticated than today’s mostly static black-and-white devices. The unnamed venture, whose outlines were reported last month, was originally envisioned as being mostly about magazines, though John Squires, who will serve as interim general manager, says the final product will work for newspapers, books and other media, as well. He said that he could not offer a guess as to when the project would have a product, but that when sophisticated, full-color e-readers reach the market. Time Inc. has released a video giving some idea of what it has in mind — a full-color, touch-screen digital version Sports Illustrated that readers would find not only more attractive than what is now available on most mobile devices, but also vastly more interactive and adaptable to their tastes

Group of Magazine Publishers Is Said to Be Building an Online Newsstand

A consortium of magazine publishers including Time Inc. and Condé Nast are plan to jointly build an online newsstand for publications in multiple digital formats, according to people with knowledge of the plans. The formation of a new company to run the online newsstand — sometimes characterized as an “iTunes for magazines” — may be announced in early December. Time, Condé Nast, Hearst and Meredith all intend to be equity partners in the new company, although the deals have not yet been signed. In the face of slumping print circulations for many magazines, the publishing houses are eager to exert some control over digital readership, said people at the companies, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the plans. Some newspaper owners have also expressed interest in the joint venture. The new magazine company would, in theory, make it easy to buy print and electronic copies of publications like The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Esquire and Better Homes and Gardens from a single Web site. While mostly leaving the hardware to others, the alliance of competing publishers would develop software standards for magazine viewing on iPhones, BlackBerrys, e-book readers and other platforms, people with knowledge of the plans said