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European Commission urges harmony on radio spectrum

Decision designed to speed the deployment of high-speed wireless internet technologies

The European Commission (EC) has adopted harmonised technical rules for member states on the allocation of radio frequencies, aimed at avoiding interference and boosting its efforts to improve the deployment of high speed wireless internet services. In many member states the 800MHz frequency is being freed up as part of the “digital dividend” resulting from the switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting. The new decision by the EC means that if member states now decide to change the existing frequency allocation for broadcasting, they must immediately apply the new harmonised technical rules to make these frequencies available to wireless broadband applications. Although the decision does not itself require member states to make available the 790-862 MHz band for electronic communication services, the Commission said it is considering such a proposal in the forthcoming Radio Spectrum Policy Programme. The Commission said it wants EU countries to act quickly in freeing up the extra radio frequency, predicting that “coordinated management of this spectrum” could give an economic boost of up to EUR 44bn to the EU’s economy and help to achieve the EU 2020 Strategy target of high-speed broadband for all by the end of 2013.