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Broadcasters seeking to exploit Twitter for interaction with viewers

Broadcasters are increasingly using Twitter to encourage viewers to interact with their programmes. “We think most programming today is spontaneous, but soon as a standard we expect to see broadcasters using hashtags and @ handles to get people involved, said general manager, Twittter UK, Tony Wang. Drawing largely on US examples, despite the number of UK broadcasters using the social networking site, Wang said broadcasters divided into three categories. The first was when broadcasters relied on spontaneity from viewers that made their own Tweets, the second was when broadcasters gave an on screen call to action, and thirdly an artful approach that would get viewers involved. Wang pointed to Fox News coverage of the Republican presidential debate that had actively encouraged the audience to respond to candidates answers, then analysed the Tweets they had received through the broadcast hashtag. Earlier, Kristin Frank, general manager, MTV said later this year one of the broadcaster’s scripted shows would use Twitter to interact with characters and develop plot lines. Characters would then ‘Tweet’ back to their friends.