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Google launches Instant streaming search

Google has announced a major change to its fundamental technology, dubbed Instant, which streams real-time search results as the user types. The new system searches automatically as the user types and displays the results underneath the text box, as well as a set of five predictions as to the object of the search. By scrolling down these predictions the search information changes for each one. “This is a fundamental shift to search, the speed and ease with which people can find information has changed,” said Marissa Meyer, Google’s vice president of search products. She said that on average users spent nine seconds typing a search and 15 seconds considering their result. Google Instant will shave seconds off this and the company estimates that the changes will save the billion users it gets a week around eleven hours every second. There is however a blacklist of words that would not be used for Instant searches the company said. Sexual, violent of hate terms would not automatically produce resutls until Send has been pressed. Google Instant will be available for registered users in the US immediately, and the service will be rolled out in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Russia next week. The technology will be built directly into the browser by this autumn Meyer said and a mobile version will come in the same time frame