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Ex-Google and Bing engineers create personalised mobile newspaper for the iPad

A personalised mobile newspaper for iPad users has been launched by a team of former Google and Bing engineers. Apollo News, the first product from Hawthorne Labs, aggregates content based on a user preferences algorithm, in a similar way to how Pandora recommends music for its users. The app was created by Evan Reas, Shubham Mittal and Prasanna Sankaranarayanan, who together have an employer history which includes Google, Microsoft and Bing. Reas told Journalism.co.uk that their idea came from their own frustrations with accessing interesting content online. The app costs users $4.99 for unlimited usage. The team now plans to make the app available on the iPhone as well as on the web itself, but says future developments will reach much further than the Apollo app. “Our hopes are more for the future of the company than just this one app,” Reas said. “We want to create a company with the main daily destinations (mobile and non-mobile) of news for consumers”.