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Bristol bids to host Wikimania 2013

Bristol is bidding to bring the international Wikimania conference to the city in 2013. Wikimania is an annual event attended by influential speakers, writers and users of wiki projects such as Wikipedia. Run by the Wikimedia Foundation, if Bristol wins the bid to host the the week-long event, it could welcome the likes of Stephen Fry, Cory Doctorow, Jimmy Wales, Clay Shirky, and Tim Berners-Lee.

Bristol’s bid was submitted on Friday and now there is an online campaign growing to gather support. The city is up against competition across the world, including Hong Kong and Surakarta. Rival bids closer to home are London and Naples, Italy. Bristol recently welcomed Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and also hosts the annual Festival of Ideas which attracts known writers and thinkers. Bristol’s bid promises that if successful, it will:

* Create a wide, generous and secure platform for the active involvement of community groups

* Build a bridge to the non-Wiki community (the Wikiless), inspire a new generation of volunteers

* Create a place and space where working relationships can strive, thrive and develop

* Spread the Wikipedia editing ‘privilege’ to involve more cultures, more women, more wisdom

* Enhance public understanding of shared, free and open source knowledge

* Celebrate and promote successful partnerships and Wiki achievements

This year’s Wikimania will take place in July in Washington DC.

To find out more visit the Bristol bid wiki.




Government data portal launched

Data.gov.uk, a site where all sorts of official data from crime statistics to public spending figures is available, has been officially unveiled. Father of the web Tim Berners-Lee has unveiled a new government portal that aims to bring reams of public sector data together.

Data.gov.uk is part of a government strategy to make non-personal official data on crime, house prices and NHS performance as well as many other areas freely available.  The government first officially announced the Data.gov.uk last autumn and has been conducting closed beta tests until now. However, the site is now open to the public although officially it is still in a beta testing phase.

As well as offering access to the data, information on Data.gov.uk is open to other organisations who wish to use it to create other services. For example, a service called Fillthathole uses location data from the Office of National Statistics and enables members of the public to report potholes to the correct local authority. Berners-Lee has been overseeing the project, with the help of Professor Nigel Shadbolt from the University of Southampton.